Georges Barbar - percussions    

Georges Barbar is a Lebanese multitalented artist who’s skills are as diverse as the culture he grew up in. At the age of 10 he was already a confirmed pecussionist.A graduate of the University of the Holy Spirit Kaslik, he specialised in Classic Guitar and Oriental Percussions.Simultaneously, he was also teaching Oriental Percussions at the very same university.Performing in public at that early stage was the firt step out of many to follow shortly after and ever since. His growing talent was coupled with a relentless interest in the technical side of show business such as programming, sampling and recording softwares. He acquired a strong experience as a studio musician and technician.

Barbar focused his research on percussion, exploring instruments from various places like Brazil, Cuba, Africa, and the Middle East.He has a unique blend and a special style, inspired by many cultures and achieved by a solid technical know how. Barbar was the very firt to fuse acoustic instruments with synthetic sounds in Lebanon.

During the last decade Barbar took master classes with famous Cuban musicians such as Jose Luis Quintana, Yaroldy Abreu, Yorvanis, Vicente, and most recently with Orlando Poleo.

To many, Georges Barbar is also a prominent researcher devoted to developing new instruments.His work was awarded by The Guinness World Records™ (2006), as he designed and built the largest Bar Chimes in the world. His Bar Chimes won him a great interest from media. This instrument finds may applications and purposes, ranging from contemporary dance performances to movie soundtracks.

In recent years, Georges Barbar has become an extremely dynamic musician. His performances covered clubs and private events all the way to various festivals in Lebanon & Middle East.Along the way he also composed and recorded with many prominent musicians from Cuba, France, Spain, Bulgarie and Japan.He is now one of the leading musicians in Fusion and Afro-Cuban Jazz in Lebanon.He has also had a vast western exposure while working on numerous albums in LA studiossuch as Danny’s studio and Lurssen Mastering studio.

In 2006, Georges Barbar entered the exclusive and prestigious list of “great Men and Women from Lebanon”.This nomination comes as a reward and a tribute to his exceptional artistic contributions and to the promotionof lebanese creativity in the world.“Min Loubnan” (From Lebanon) is a program created and supported by LBCI, a leading Lebanese and Arab TV station. “Min Loubnan” includes major Political figues, Authors, Play writers, Painters, Historians, Musicians and Scientists.

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