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A solo-harpist of the State Opera of Sofia,Bulgaria, assistant-professor of harp in the National Academy of Music "P.Vladigerov" -Sofia

Denitza Dimitrova started playing on harp when she was 12.In 1994(two years later),Denitza was accepted in the National School of Music-Sofia.In 1999 Denitza Dimitrova finished her study in the music school and was accepted with the highest possible results as a student in the National Academy of Music-"Pancho Vladigerov"-Sofia. In 2004,she finished her Master`s degree of harp. In 2003,2004 and 2005,she had a specialization with Prof. Elizabeth Fontan-Binoche / France /. Denitza Dimitrova was repeatedly appointed as a soloist and she had many concerts with Academic Simphony Orchestra, New Simphony Orchestra, Sofia Simfonicker and many others. She particirated in a concert with the Simphony Orchestra of Thessaloniki, Greece and gave many solo and chamber-music concerts in Bulgaria, in Greece with Prof. Lidya Oshavkova-flute, in France and Monte-Carlo and in Lebanon with Georges Barbar-percussions.

Denitza Dimitrova won prizes at many national and international competitions:

-1996,National Competition " Young Musical Talents "-Sofia, Third Prize

-1998, National Competition " Young Musical Talents"-Sofia, First Prize

-1998,International Festival of Music "Coast of Hope "- Dobrich /Bulgaria/, Third Prize and a medal

-1999, Academic Competition for Chamber music performers "Prof. Nikola Stefanov", duo flute & piano(harp), Second Prize, the Special Prize of the National Academy of Music- Sofia, and the Prize of "Classic FM"-Radio.

-2000,First International Harp Competition named after Vera Dulova, Moskow, Russia, laureateship

-2000, First International Harp Festival-Competition-Sofia, Third Prize in the group aged under 20

-2002, Academic Competition for duo flute & piano /harp/-the Prize of the Union of Bulgarian Composers for best interpretation of Bulgarian Music

-2002, VIII-th World Harp Congress, Geneva, she has been one of the 30 young harpists chosen between candidates from all over the world to perform on "Focus on Youth "concerts.

-2004,International Competition "Musicians of the new Millenium "-Skopje, Macedonia, Second Prize

-2005,International Competition " UFAM " - Paris, France, First Prize

-2005,a Competition for soloists"Revelation Muses 2005",organized by the Opera of Nice, France, second prize

-2005,International Harp Competition "Lily Laskine"- Deauville, France, Semi Finalist

-2005, Denitza Dimitrova won a competition and became a harpist of the National State Opera of Sofia.

-2005, Denitza Dimitrova was appointed after a competition for harp teacher at the National Academy of Music "Pancho Vladigerov", Sofia, Bulgaria

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