Georges Barbar - percussions    

Mar | Kozah - Barbar
featuring Andres Valdes Ruiz (guitar)

From Lebanon, comes music without boundaries. This album is a brilliant mixture of sounds and cultures from different continents. More than a series of tracks, the CD features a complete, a coherent and a progressive concept. When listening to this CD, one is actually watching scenes of delicate poetry and infinite emotions.
The contribution of Georges Barbar on percussions is essential in that it gives a totally new dimension to music and lyrics. Percussionist Georges Barbar explores new sounds and rhythms that go beyond the common and the conventional.

Mar introduces new fusion music and songs perfectly adapted to contemporary dance performances as well as progressive movies.

Listen (MP3)
1. vagues  |  2. zawraq  |  3. settimana  |  4. in the dark  |  5. sueño  |  6. yergar  |  7. mar

blue spark | Chatelin - Barbar

This CD is a great innovation in the world of both harp and percussions. The work of Emeline Chatelin and Georges Barbar is complementary and perfectly productive: the result is a major step forward in fusion music. A touch of oriental melodies, colors of Spanish influence, and rhythms of impressive precision. This CD is definitely contemporary. A one-of-a-kind collaboration that is likely to open new horizons and many possibilities for harp and percussions.

Listen (MP3)
1. Evasions  |  2. Fleur d'eau  |  3. Hallucinations  | 
4. Ondas del manos  |  5. Espérance  |  6. Perles du Hoggar

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